Our Mission

The mission of Community Shield Training and Consultation is to provide the highest quality self-defense, firearms and active shooter preparedness training normally only afforded to front line first responders, to the concerned citizens of any community desiring to never be victims.

About Eric

Eric Williams is owner and lead instructor of Community Shield Training and Consulting. He carries 15 years of street, tactical and investigations experience. Eric has served as a supervisor in both patrol and criminal investigations capacities. He is a certified law enforcement firearms instructor and holds several instructor certifications through the Texas Tactical Police Officer Association and the National Rifle Association. Eric is a certified SWAT officer and defensive tactics instructor. He is certified as an active shooter trainer (Level 1 and 2) through the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training program, a national level benchmark program for active shooter preparedness training. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Wayland Baptist University.

Our Purpose

Community Shield Training and Consultation exists to empower every student that completes a course with both the mindset and skills necessary to not be forced to outsource their safety to anyone other than themselves.

Our Intent

The intent of the training provided by Community Shield Training and Consultation is simply to provide each student with the mindset, knowledge base and skills needed to survive a potentially violent encounter without having to wait for help to arrive. The average response to 911 in the United States is 4.5 minutes. Most violent encounters happen within 60 seconds. It is our intent that our students are able to defend themselves and prevail in that critical first minute.

Our Goals

Community Shield Training and Consultation strives to accomplish three essential goals in all training:

To provide a safe and secure training environment for every student and instructor. Safety is the priority in all of our training.

To provide training that is readily digestible for the students. Self-defense, firearms and tactical training can seem both complex and intimidating to those that may have no previous knowledge or experience with it. Breaking it down to blocks of easy to understand instruction ensures the student completes the class with solid, immediately usable knowledge and skills.

To provide training that is affordable and convenient to both individuals and groups. We understand that most people and organizations have to make a budget work. We strive to keep cost of training classes affordable and to work with setting up training locations and times that are most convenient for those needing the training whether it means setting up training time after normal business hours and/or traveling to student’s location to provide the training.

What Our Students Say

My staff expressed to me on several occasions about how are we going to handle a hostile situation especially since it is happening all over the US and close to home. I really did not have a clear cut answer for them except that we could lock down more doors and add more cameras. This helped calm them down a little but they wanted more security. We are a very small town in West Texas with a 14 bed CAH hospital. I10 sits 18 miles away and the border sits down South of us. We can not depend on our Sheriff’s Office to be available 24 hours 7 days a week. I started searching around to see if I could find someone to help us learn how to protect ourselves and our patients. In the Fall of 2016, we were attending a Hot Topics seminar presented by THA in Fredericksburg. Surprisingly on the agenda was a speaker who was speaking about how to handle an Active Shooter. Eric Williams in one hour gave a quick review of what to do in case you were confronted with a active shooter. We were very impressed with his speech and asked him if to come to our hospital and give the presentation to our staff. This was the start of an awesome adventure in learning how to defend yourself and others. Our hospital board consented to pay the training fee for each employee in order to make our security stronger and build up the confidence in each employee that they could defend themselves. Eric came and taught a defense class on how to handle a hostile person who was attacking with a gun or knife. His patience and his son’s were unbelievable while they taught this class. It did not matter how old, how young, or even how feeble you were, you came out of that class feeling like you might actually be able to handle a hostile situation. His next project was involvement with a active shooter scenario that happened within the hospital and involved all levels of law enforcement, EMS, hospital staff, FBI, special rescue team, and the regional area trauma coordinator. This took a lot of preparation but his guidance with the team was outstanding and very meaningful to the spectators. The next adventure was a basic class for beginners on how to shoot a pistol with the next day being the actual class to get you CHL certification. The knowledge that they presented to us was great and the class was very relaxed and enjoyable. The last class which was the icing on the cake was the Krav Maga defense class offered to the employees and the citizens of the town. It was a 4 hour class that was a pure workout in self defense. The staff could not stop talking about it and what they had learned. With everything the staff have learned over the past several months from Eric and his sons, has made this group feel more confident in how to protect themselves now and in the future. If we are faced with a hostile situation, we are now prepared and ready to defend to the best of our ability.

Teresa Callahan

CEO, Iraan General Hospital