Self-Defense Training

Being able to defend yourself is critical! Where-be-it your home or yourself, there are a thousand ways to defend yourself wrong, only a few are right. We have classes in both self-defense and home-defense. We want to make sure you are the best prepared you can be should a situation ever arise where you need to defend yourself.

Homestead Security and Defense 16 hour class

This class is typically 16 hours. Knowing how to operate tactically in and around your home and property with a firearm is very important. Should threatening intruders trespass onto your property, being able to utilize landscape, tactical movement, cover and concealment, angles, windows, and negotiate doorways and hallways and more to keep you and your family safe are vital. The class builds from the concept of sheltering in place all the way to patrolling and clearing your own property to keep it secure.

12Tec Self Defense Class 4 hour class

This class is typically 4 hours. This class is an unarmed self defense class. It is taken primarily from Krav Maga, an Israeli fighting system. The class focuses on the 12 core techniques that enable the student to easily learn how to defend from common attacks. The class emphasizes use of combatives and techniques in order to either escape and attacker or access a better weapon system for defense. The students will also learn techniqes to disarm an attacker whether they are armed with a knife, handgun, or long gun. The class has received great reviews especially from female students.