Guardian Program

The Guardian Program is designed to train select personnel from schools, hospitals, churches, and businesses to be able to respond to an active shooter or other life threatening episodes. It incorporates multiple layers of skill and knowledge that make guardians effective first responders and to be able to
find, isolate, neutralize the threats and then stabilize such an event until other help arrives. It is a week long course that involves not only imparting skill and knowledge to the guardians, but building a mindset within them to successfully respond when innocent lives are being threatened.

Class Outline

The Guardian Program consists of the following one-week regimen:
DAY 1: Basic Firearms Manipulation and Marksmanship (8 hours)
DAY 2: Advanced Firearms Tactical Shooting (8 hours)
DAY 3: Tactical Skills: Moving to the problem, Mitigation of the threat. (8 hours)
DAY 4: Unarmed Self-defense/Disarmament skills (4 hours)
DAY 4: Guardian Self Aid/Buddy Aid (4 hours)
DAY 5: Force-on- Force Scenarios (8 hours)
DAY 6: If Needed: Texas License to Carry Certification Class (6 hrs)

Basic Firearms Manipulation and Marksmanship: This is an 8 hour block of instruction where the
guardian will learn to safely and proficiently handle the firearm as well as learn the fundamentals of
marksmanship with their firearm. It will also include deployment of the weapon from the holster,
positional shooting (Standing, kneeling, sitting and prone), tactical reloading, as well as malfunction

Advanced Firearms Tactical Shooting: The second 8 hour block of instruction consists of moving and
shooting from behind, around and from beneath cover, operating as a team while shooting and moving
as well as shooting in low/no light conditions.
Tactical Skills: Moving to the problem, Mitigation of the threat: The third 8 hour block of instruction
consists of the guardian learning sound tactical skills in order to enter and move through buildings, open
areas and other environments to close with the threat to stop it. It will include skills to breach doors and
windows, moving through hallways, corner clearing, room entry and clearing, open area movement,
engagement of the threat in congested areas, post-shooting actions and interactions with law

Unarmed Self-defense/Disarmament skills: This 4 hour block of instruction consists of unarmed self-
defense skills and disarming a shooter. It is based on Krav Maga (Israeli unarmed fighting method), and
the techniques are simple to learn and retain. The disarmament skills will focus on taking away
handguns, long guns and knives from an attacker.
Guardian Self Aid/Buddy Aid: This 4 hour block of instruction consists of first aid skills for the guardian
to use on themselves and others around them. The focus is on treating life-threatening gunshot,
shrapnel and stab wounds. It includes pressure point techniques, use of Combat Application
Tourniquets, treatment of tension pneumothorax and hypothermia.

Force-on-Force Scenarios: This 8 hour block of instruction is where all of the previous training will be
brought together, tested and evaluated for the guardians. It will include several force-on-force scenarios
where the guardians will be tested against role players acting as shooters and other role players acting
as injured persons or bystanders. It is hopeful that some members of potentially responding local law
enforcement agencies and EMS can participate in some of these scenarios for the benefit of combined
response training. The training will be conducted using airsoft training weapons.

Texas License to Carry Certification Class: This is a 6 hour block of instruction to certify any guardians
that do not have a Texas license to carry. It includes state-mandated instruction in theĀ use of force, Texas
weapons law, dispute resolution and safe storage and handling of a handgun. Upon completion of this
block of instruction, the guardian may complete the application for the Texas License to Carry.