Firearm Training

Our nation has the highest level of gun ownership in the world. While we have no lack of firearms, what is needed by any gun owner is high quality and safe training. It is not enough for you to simply own a gun. You must have proper training, encompassing mindset, knowledge and skill. We provide classes for private individual sessions, open enrollment classes as well as family and organizational group classes.

Texas License to Carry – 8 hr class

We offer the Texas license to carry class for all qualified individuals. This class is mandated by the State of Texas for anyone desiring to obtain a license to carry in Texas.

TacTec Rifle Class 16 hour class

“TacTec” rifle class is typically 16 hours. This class will emphasis the basics learned in the Rifle Essentials class and build the student into a skilled operator with their rifle. Similar in scope to the TacTec Pistol class, the student will learn many different facets of tactically operating their rifle, including reloading, malfunction clearing, shooting from cover and different positions, shooting and moving, shooting and deploying from vehicles, low-light shooting and more.

TacTec Pistol Class 16 hour class

“TacTec” pistol class is typically a 16 hour class. The class builds directly upon the basics from the Pistol Essentials class. The class moves the student from basic operation and marksmanship skills to becoming an operator of their pistol. Among the many skills learned in this class are tactical reloading, malfunction clearing, positional shooting, shooting and moving, shooting from cover, shooting from vehicles and more. There is also an optional low-light shooting block of instruction as well.

Rifle Essentials 4 hour class

Like the Pistol Essentials, this is typically a 4-hour class. The student will learn basic firearm safety, basic rifle nomenclature, operation and safe handling, the principles of rifle shooting and marksmanship. This is a great class for anyone who will be handling a rifle, whether for hunting or self-defense.

Handgun Essentials 4 hour class

This is typically a 4-hour class. Student will learn firearm safety, basic firearm nomenclature, operation and safe handling, principles of pistol shooting and marksmanship. This class is both for beginning shooters who have never handled a pistol or shot before as well as experienced shooters who desire to refine their marksmanship skills.