Active Shooter Training

We offer classes that teach you the proper way to handle an active shooter situation!

Active Shooter Drill On-Site Scenario

The active shooter response class is very popular. The class begins with a one hour presentation. The presentation introduces the students to what an active shooter event is, what to do during such an event as well as after the event. It is very direct in its approach and emphasizes to students to defend themselves immediately. Following the presentation, a hands-on class is conducted where students will learn to barricade doors, set up for counter attack and then to take down the shooter. During this phase the students will learn to disarm the shooter using Krav Maga techniques.

Follow-on training for active shooter includes customized active shooter drills and firearms classes that can be tailored to the organization desiring the training. Contact us for more information.

We Also Offer a Responding to an Active Shooter 1 hour class!