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Training We Offer


Welcome to Community Shield Training and Consultation. Thank you for your interest. We are here to provide you with safe, comprehensive and affordable training whether you are interested in individual, family, organization or even community level preparation. We provide training in unarmed self defense, firearms training and active shooter response training. This training is provided to bring you to the highest level of preparation you and your fellow students can reach to be ready to survive and prevail in a violent encounter.  Please take time to review the website and contact us if you have questions.


Training We Offer

The training provided by Community Shield Training and Consultation is core training proven to provide law enforcement officers the skills they need to survive violent encounters. While law enforcement officers need the highest level of training they can get, citizens need it even more. With increasing levels of instability and violence in communities throughout our nation, it is imperative that individuals and organizations prepare to deal with potentially violent encounters that could happen without warning.

Firearms Training

Our nation has the highest level of gun ownership in the world. While we have no lack of firearms, what is needed by any gun owner is high quality and safe training. It is not enough for you to simply own a gun. You must have proper training, encompassing mindset, knowledge and skill. We provide classes for private individual sessions, open enrollment classes as well as family and organizational group classes.


Being able to defend yourself is critical! Where-be-it your home or yourself, there are a thousand ways to defend yourself wrong, only a few are right. We have classes in both self-defense and home-defense. We want to make sure you are the best prepared you can be should a situation ever arise where you need to defend yourself.


The active shooter response class is very popular. The class begins with a one hour presentation. The presentation introduces the students to what an active shooter event is, what to do during such an event as well as after the event. It is very direct in its approach and emphasizes to students to defend themselves immediately. Following the presentation, a hands-on class is conducted where students will learn to barricade doors, set up for counter attack and then to take down the shooter. During this phase the students will learn to disarm the shooter using Krav Maga techniques.

Guardian Program

The Guardian Program is designed to train select personnel from schools, hospitals, churches, and businesses to be able to respond to an active shooter or other life threatening episodes. It incorporates
multiple layers of skill and knowledge that make guardians effective first responders and to be able to find, isolate, neutralize the threats and then stabilize such an event until other help arrives. It is a week
long course that involves not only imparting skill and knowledge to the guardians, but building a mindset within them to successfully respond when innocent lives are being threatened.

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Community Shield Training and Consultation exists to empower every student that completes a course with both the mindset and skills necessary to not be forced to outsource their safety to anyone other than themselves. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you about setting up a class!